Setting Up Your Cloud 9 Account

1. Request that the administrator of your Education account send you an invite.

2. Open the email you receive from

Email from C9

3. Click the link in the email. Your default web browser will open the first page of the sign-up process.

Create an Account

4. Click Create new account. The second screen of the sign-up process appears.

Choose a Name

5. Enter your real-life name. Or, if you prefer, put in a made-up name. If you choose a made-up name, make sure your Cloud9 administrator know what name you chose, since that's the name they'll see. Click Next.

Choose a Username

6. Select a username. It can contain lower case letters and numbers, but not symbols or upper case letters. Click Next.

Give C9 a bit of info about the project

7. Specify that you're a student and that you're working on coursework. Click Next.

Give C9 a bit of info about the project

8. Click Next.

Confirm you're not a robot

9. Mark the checkbox, and then perform the Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) test. (Bonus points if you can tell one of your programming mentors what a Turing machine is!)

Join the Project

10. Click Join team.

Main Screen

11. Check your email for a message from Cloud9 with a link that enables you to set a password. While not doing this right away doesn't prevent you from using the service, your account will eventually be disabled if you haven't done this. So, take care of this right away to avoid problems later!

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